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thousand customeessin baltimore city rrmain without ppwer onnght.the cityyhas opennd emergency shelters with air conddtioning and beds paul gessser is live at a shelter in nnrthwest baltiiore, which is still waitiig on its first gueet. only a few people pave walked through these ddors at the baltimore junior academy on west coldspring lane.those people have come in to take a load off, grab a free drink of water.nobody stayed here lastnight-- the first niggt his shelttr was was pen i just got bbck from theeother emergency shelter in the 1400 block of east federal street. those cots haven't even been set up yet.they're still in the boxes-- because, no one came in there oo shelter either.all the while, people here in the neighborhood feel the city was not prepared for this kind of storm. 3 3&"they need to have people set up so they can puutthem in all the different aaeaa nd help out everyyody. help everybbdy out. we've been out evee sincc " frrday.""it's been a slow day and that may be a littleegoodd because i think family members are all really pitching in now good bbcause i
's really hectic :54 a b-g-e spokesman says crews cannt do anything until.. an inspector from baltimore city signs off on the contractors work. that work was done a week ago. but, it wasn't until today an inspector showed up. after we started to make some calls. fault.... the moaney's are still without power. it's hoped áthatá will change by the end of this week. joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:30. more than 300 kids... at... the ripken... eeperience... baseball camp... continue to brave the heat. heat.temperatures ... on the field... in aberdeen... reached well over 110 degrees today..../the ... rookie campers ...had... mandatory water breaks... between drills.../. they... say... the heaa is draining.../, but... was not ...going to keep ttem aaay.. from camp. gavin leinenbach: 1.37.41 "103 degrees!" reporter: "does it make you tired?" gavin: "yes." (drinks water) water)hari lymon, father: 1.41.43 "they really know how them water, make sure they lookkffr signs of dehydration, so, iihad no concerns." concerns."this week's... ripken experience... runs through friday,.
theaters. theaters. baltimore city police say they have no information that suggests that an attack like what we saw in colorado would happen here. but still tonight, the department is boosting patrols as a precautionary measure. they say the propensity for a copy-cat crime is high following a high profile incident. (guglielmi) "we want people to know that there are extra police officers there for their added safety, added security. just want to also inform them that if they see additional resources, it's not because of anything troubling or alarming. it's just simply we want to have extra people around to make sure that they have an enjoyable time at the t" theater." police say if you see anybody or anything that looks something. contact s.. say - security or alert police. an... army sergeant... from baltimore ... is... killed by... a... roadside bomb wednesday... in afghanistan afghanistan the... pentagon says... 28... year old... sgt.... daniel rodriguez ... died... in... ghaz--nee... city....,/ when... his.. vehicle... was struck...// he's...
that maryland live...and a future casino in baltimore city...will not be financially a casino at the national harbor. others say the complex gambling bill should not be forced through the general a two or three day special session.(carter) "to me, there's no reason that we can't wait and handle it with other business during regular session and have it on the 2014 ballot."(rydell) "neither house leaders nor the governor's office will say whether or not they have enough votes to get this gambling bill enacted during a special session. john rydell, fox45 news at 5:30." hundreds... gather downtown to... salute... baltimore's... college bound... seniors. seniors. the... annual ...collegebound foundation scholars... luncheon... was held ...this afternoon.../. our... very own ...patrice sanders... emceed... the event.....// the... foundation... provides... college advising... and... financial aid... to students... that... might not... otherwise... be... able to receive... higher education.../.
improvement or students across maryland. but there's some mixed news forstudents in baltimore city public schools. math scores are up around two percent in gradesthree through eightfrom the year before.but reading scoresamonn middle school studenns are down...nearlyythreepercentt the c.e.o...says one absent.s....are chronically - (alonso) "there's a huge challenge aad we eed to work communities about making sure that the kids are n school orr the progresssis going to be difficult to sustain.. sustain."students considred chronically absent...miss 20 &por more schooodays a yeaa. take me to the river!that's what dozens offpeople pay a local company to do during hot summer days.but, paul gesslerr explains that business is facing fines for the service. paul-- gary kloch's tube 'n taxi was fined ore ttan a hundred bucks three times in three tubing is not the problem so much---as the taxi. maryland's department of natural resources tells me operating a business in a the ransaction is done at drops tubers off inside the - trout fishermen say tubers bring alcohol and throw trash in the wate
- thousand customers in baltimore city without power.more than 19- thousand in baltimoree county... and n anne arrndel countt... more than 44- hundred.ssnce the storm begann bge has restoreddpower to more from bout half a millioo customers without power at the height of llst friday's storms ... to about ????? at this time of day ...bge is making progress. but that hasn't ptopped criticism of the recovery effoor ... for thhs week's take action thursday, rob gould with bge joinn us. us. 3 3&p--burying wires underground. 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 a soutt african man will represent his country in track duringgthe upcoming london he will accomplish this feet... without legs. 3 --adblib weather tz-- notes are flying high in worrd's best harmonnzing groups are competing for the title of "world's best barbershop quartet." quartet."quartet nats naas wednesddy... to hear the harmonies that the singers pave been working hard all yyar to them... it's like preparing for a competitive sport. code red weather warnings, huuid and hot temperatures... when will e see a cool down?chief met
million dollars to settle a pricing discriminationnsuit. suit.baltimore city sued the mortgage giant for subprime lendiig practices targeting minority neighborhoods.the lawssit claims they steered blackkand hispanii borrowers into bad loans... resulting in mass foreclosures. "iq:peopll with similar qualifications should be the color of their skin." 3kin." 3&under the landmarkkdeal, wells fargo will pay the ciiy 7.5 millions dollars. the rest will go toward compensation for borrowerr and direct doon payment assistance for discrimination victims in neiggborhoods that were hit hard by the housing crisis. a woman who made hundreds of thousands of dollars njecting dancers with silicone... has innprison..federal prossctors s say the woman actualll ussd super glue..... to kkep the non-medical silicone from llaking out out kimberly smedley left members. over an 8 yeer period.... smmdley traveled up and down the east coast injecting wmen with illigal silicone. records showw pmedley would often secretly meet with customee... in hotee rooms. one cleint however from baltimore ended up in t
...the city is issuing waterconservation advisory. (foxx) "tt reduce the stress on the system as a whole, we want the citizens to conserve water.similar advisories are eingissuud for baltimore well as northern anne arundel counny... and parts of howaad county. (foxx))"please, do nottwash clothes or dishses or non-essential indoor cleaning until late in the evening or early morning."the ban also includes outdoor watering and and when repairs begin...some rrsidents... could experience...llw...watee pressure.(foxx) "we're talking about a few hours of interruptton as we test the service area to maae ssre we can reroute the water to the counties."(rydell) "bbt phe head of public works tells us thattif by repairing that huge water main t could result in a majorrdisruption to water service, those repairs wouud bb delayed for at least another week. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at five." the death toll in marylann from our oppressive heat wave now stands at 18. and investigators believe it may have contributed to saturday's drowning of three shore.the boys-- ages 12, 11 re- a
2013. the baltimore city fire department has been awarded a huge amounttof money that'll help towards the safety of citizens. the department has been given a 300-thousand- dollar grant from áf-e-m-a prevention and safety.áthe grant will be used to study the causes of fires and to fund the mobile safety center. a disabled boy in hagerstown will be getting his stolen tricycle back... afox 45 viewer spotted the stolen item on craig's list. kathleen cairns has more on how the stolen bike was tracked down.. a story you are seeing first on fox.. kathleen: one of our viewers noticed some striking similarities between the story we aired last week..... and a bike he had just seen advertised on craig's list. the bike was tracked down to a shoppin dundalk.. but at this hour... pollce are still looking for the man who brought it there to sell it. the tricycle had been designed for seven year old ethan who has genetic disorder. the eight thousand dollar bike was designed to specifically help him develop muscle tone and lose weight. it was stolen last month... someone brought it to
baltimore city wittout power.more than 69- thousann in ballimore coonty... and more than 38- thousand in anne arundel county.b-g-e has restored power to more thaa 466-thousand of its customers pince friday night. it was hours bbfore b-g-e this downed wire innthe back yard of a home near the intersection oo park heights and spaulding avenues.the owners of the hhme asked the &pfire department for help butt obviousll they were unable to wws shut off.officials say if you ever see downed wires... never touch them and always &passume electricityyii still running through them. and jjining us right now... is b-g-e spokesman, rob gould. 3 3 3 as we've been seeing and hearing...the storm created a maryland...and across huge mess all storm creeted a hearing...the seeing and as we've been 3 hearing...the storm cceated a hugg mess all across maryland...and there's still photojournalist dave larson caught up with some residents of north baltimore who are anxious for action. action. 3 p3for action. action. we have been getting hundreds of pictures from our fox45 viewers ... when news happens....
... he is now working at a full time job... and plans to attend baltimore city community college in the fall... kc fox 45 news at 5;30 how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. 3 report. mapfiber- 83 at shawanmdot- 695 at greenspring mapmap 3 one year later.....police are still trying to solve a murder that left three people dead .... .... karen parks is live in northeast baltimore where police were out on the streets . today..... 3 this is the neighborhood where that murder happened nearly one year ago.....police were here earlier today handing out flyers hoping to get one step closer to finding the killer.....or killers.... killers.... //take vo// july 26th police were called to this house along nicholas avenue at 4:30 in the morning after neighbors reported hearing gunshots...when investigators arrived...they say the home appeared secured so they hour and a half later...the home went up in flames....that's when three bodies were discovered inside....the homeowner.....his 36 year old daughter and her boyfriend..
million dollars environmental benefits. 3 a big salute today to a retired baltimore city police officer.... jeff abell shows us why he's being honored years after leaving the force, jeff.... more than a half-century ago, james dixon made military hhstory when he became one of the first african americans to join the ranks of the u-s marines. he was honored in washington last month and today, the former city police sergeant was honored here. 3 3 --clapping nats--- nats--- dixon served more than three decades on the city's police force..... but before he became a police officer....he served in world war two as one of the montford point marines..... that was the name of the segregated campsite for the marines first black recruits.... and even though they battled racism and segregation within the military.... james dixon says the marines was the only place he wanted to be. "if they put me in the navy, i was going awol. because, i wasn't serving any food or scrubbing any decks on any ships or serving food to anybody, that's not my format. i saidd 'i'll go to
. didn't stoppmany -&peo houseeand coooinn the &pend of thh roland park parade baltimore city firefighters pprentsswho haven't had ppwer in five days.thh annnal tradition took on sppcial meaning this year. 3 "it's likeecamping in your pwn house. (laughter) i'm soonn" "not ideal, but theree you go. there are a loo worst liie..firefiihters shut off the valvee att11:30.some people in the oland park area are being tood it could be another three of four dayss before theirrpower wwlllbe restored. thousands of peoplespent this parrdes.johnnrydell was in towson...where thousandsturned 3uu...despite the heat... (rydell) "even ttough this parade starred at 10:30 this morning, by the time it ended it was well over 90 degrees, and that's whyya lot offfooks &pthouggt the best pllce to be was n the shade."((bands)) &psure it's hhttoutside...but after all...this ii...the fourth of july.((nats))ann it prowd.they're hereewwth fammly and celebrate... &piidepedence day. (ettlin) "yo need to salute and celebratt our ccuntry and the veterans who fought in the wars." ((nntss)(bb
in baltimore city wants to hire onny officers who have & college degrees or a ilitary &pbackground. (((o)) it's just identified within a report tte f-o-p just released. the 15 page document identifies seven areas of -3 weaknesses within he department. unnon leaders 3 recruits .... will help towardd eliminating corruption wittin the departmenn. 33&p((wipe-sot)14:07:40 listen burnie maddof ad a college degree thereeare people who degreessspecific to the towing incident alllthe officees that were involved in hat didn't - mayor stephanie rawlings blake's officce id ssue a statement.... in which she explains how she apprecieates & the suggeetions from the fop and her office will thoroughly 3 3 an owings mills teenager is beinggremmmbered tonight for his characcer and athletic talent.paul eesler joonssus with more on an accident that claimee the life of a promiiing young swimmer.paul-- 3 you say the last name - 'cosggrea' around area swim clubs, and people turn heads. alec cosgarea is the middle chill of a swimming family. aleccwas killed in a caa a
... will return it... kc fox 45 news at five thirty the... mayor of baltimore... is.. accused of... making... the city... a... "safe haven"... for... illegals.../. mayor... rawlings-blake... says... illegal... immigrants ... are crucial... to her goal ... of... adding... 10-- thousand... new families... to baltimore's population... over... the... next decade..../ in... march, ... she ...signed an executive order.../ barring police... and other city employees ... from... asking about... citizenship... status..../ delegate... pat mcdonough ... áblastsá... the policy... which ...he says ...will make baltimore... a... "magnet".. for illegals. "iq: this is her policy, she's not joking around... oq: why isnt she advocating for them." them." 3 the mayor... declined to 3 comment..../ some maryland lawmakersmay have to postpone their vacations.governor o'malley has formally announced plansfor a special session consider a gambling bill.john rydell has more fromthe state hous
and mismanagement in the agency charged with managing public housing in baltimore. the senator received a response which he says does little to end his concerns that the federal government is not holding cities like baltimore accountable. 44:06 "this is a shortcoming of the department of housing on urban development here in washington d.c. they aren't doing their job of oversight to make sure that the tax money's spent wisely" wisely"baltimore housing authority officials say the senator's concerns are baseless. a brush fire leads investigators to a drug operation on the eastern shore. paul gessler spent the afternoon on kent island.paul, what did firefighters find? marijuana plants, jeff... several of them burned up in the brush fire off romancoke road last month.others that were found were destroyed. forestry officials discovered the grow operation during last month's 50- acre brush fire. the fire threatened several homes off romancoke road.a queen anne county sheriff's office spokesperson says the fire and grow- operation don't appear to be related. linda gillis, kent island: "given the odd thin
to the special interests, it's up to you. we have breaking news...north baltimore there's been a police involved in the heart of the city's hampden neighbrohood. homicide investigators are on the ssene of the shooting which occured on weldon less than an hour ago.. police will be holding a news conference soon with more details on what happened. and we'll have more on this story as it becomes available. b-g-e releases a report that defends their response after last month's storm that left hundreds of thousands without power for days. days.karen parks... live... at... b-g-e headquarters ... downtown .../ where... she... just spoke... to officials... karen. 3 3 3 3 3 robert gouldbge spokesman 3 automatic... license... plate readers....///. tonight, .../ why... the... a--c--l--u... belives... "tag-readers"... could be ... an... invasion of privacy.... //////////////////////vo//////// ////////// "tag-reader"... cameras, .../ which re usually mounted on patrol cars,.../ scan every license plate... on... passing or parked vehicles.. / and... run the nu
... city audit... revealed... that customers... have been overcharged... by... nine million dollars.../.the... city... cites many... problems.../ including... faulty meters.../ and...human error.../.but... the... head of baltimore's... bureau of water.../ is... telling the mayor.../ the... problem... is,...being corrected. (mayor) "these problems did not develop overnight and therefore we all know it will take time to correct, however this administration, my administration is committed to invest in improving this vital resource." customers... have received... more than... four million dollars in refunds..../but ...many other residents... are... still extra... five million.../ baltimore grand prix promoter michael andretti says plans for the big race are right on t. track.myranda stephens is live right outside camden yards where andretti was talking to reporters all afternoon. 3 3 3 how are the roads looking tonig? tonight?carrie peirce has our traffic edge report. rrport.mapmdot- 695 greenspring mdot- 695 wilkensfiber- 95 ft mac tunnelmap some of the best chefs in town face
ccmpetitive edgee.. she can get... in thhs housing market. -3 3 is the mayor of baltimore too powerful? at leasttone councilmaa ttinks so and is - trying to do something abouttit..- itt bill henry is introducing several mendments to the city charter at tonights council meeting. the amenddents would make it easier for the counccl to override a mayoral veto and allowttemmto choose hoo money ttey cut rom budget is spent. the changes are all about -33 giving the council more leverage when it comes to & deciding how the city should spend its money, and limiting the powerr of the mayor henry says re tooobroad. 3 38802"lot of placee have a strong mayoo, ours is ridiculously stonrg, comapped to otherrplaces" pllces" henry also wants o reducc the council from 14 to 9 mmmbbrs. he also wants term limits for council meebers -3 3 we.... now... know... the winner... of... our... fox45 ... stopped by & ...fox45 ...morniig news today..../candace dold... introddces us tte talentee ..17 yeer old....
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19